Best MIG Welder Reviews

Best MIG Welder Reviews

Looking for the best MIG welder for a beginner can be very difficult because there are a great variety of models that differ in shape and size. Besides, some of them can’t be suitable for newbies. It is especially important to choose high-quality MIG Welder so the beginner can practice with it. He or she must be sure that the workflow will be simple and clean.
So here are some best MIG welders for beginners to learn the nuances that are crucial for making a wise choice.

Best MIG Welder for Beginner Reviews

#1 Lincoln Electric K4195-1 – Versatile Equipment, Does Advance Jobs

Lincoln Electric K4195-1
This unit has plenty of functions and modes that’s why it’s able to provide optimal penetration when working with either mild steel or cast iron, and many other materials. This product could be the best MIG welder for beginner owing to its capability managing even serious industry drafts. So many options could seem too difficult for a newbie, but actually, they mean the opportunity to scale the skills without the necessity to buy assembly that is more advanced after a while.

The unit is packed with high-tech features and boast high-end building. It has a digital control system for straightforward use and fast adjustments. It also comes with dual voltage input to operate in both currents of 120V and 230V that means the master can work at home or in the industrial facilities. The assembly can handle even the thickest plates and allows making neat professional joints. The model features a large colorful display to guide the user for correct settings. Besides, it’s compact, ergonomic and it weighs just 41 pounds that ensures its high portability.

  • Two fans that prevent overheating.
  • Tons of accessories and equipment in the box (gun, wires, storage kit, etc.) so the customers won’t need additional purchases.
  • No cleaning action to do aluminum TIG well, so, a master should remove oil and mud from the work piece’s surface manually.

#2 Hobart 500559 Handler 140 – Top-Notch Building, Clean and Smooth Work

Hobart 500559 Handler 140
The item is developed in the USA for MIG and flux core that allows handling the workpieces of any thickness (mostly, the professional tools boast such versatility). It runs off the usual current, so it’s a good home MIG welder. It’s not heavy to move it around, but one can enhance its portability if owning an optional cart.

The device performs great when joining thicker plates and it ensures a penetrated result on both sides of them in a pass. It comes with the work clamps to ground electrical circuits. It hit the market with its sturdy steel cabinet, light gun, and cable. It’s fitted with an automatic thermal overload system to guarantee the wire’s safety. Moreover, this assembly has protection against a high current surge. It’s not very powerful but provides good penetration, clean and smooth operating. This equipment includes everything to increase one’s skills with no need to waste funds for upgrades.

  • Takes just up to 15 minutes to set up and start welding.
  • Changing wires is a breeze due to its drive roll system.
  • It’s not suitable for doing high volume production and continuous beads in steel plates because it requires long rest to cool down for every two minutes of work.

#3 W Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter – Customized Settings for Diversity of Projects

W Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter
This MIG welder review deals with a budget model that surprisingly has plenty of modes and makes it possible to drill in car upgrade, hardware, and interior décor, as well as equipment repair. For example, Lift TIG boasts anti-corrosive properties that’s why it’s great for repairing fenders and doing other types of auto body works. Many artists use it for creating iron sculptures. Stick option makes it possible to dispense external shielding gas.

Its weight and dimensions aren’t large, but the product’s power is impressive – it has 200-amp output at max due to the implemented IGBT Inverter Technology. It comes with a bright screen to read information and set amperage. It permits to create repeatable joints when adjusting the voltage by +/- 20% with a single menu button. There’s also the opportunity to correct induction by +/- 10%. One can choose polarity when changing the dongle on the front panel to facilitate going from flux core to wire option.

  • It’s compatible with chrome-moly steel (good news for the motorbikes’ owners).
  • One can adjust not only voltage but also speed at the same time.
  • Requires spending money on the spool gun in the MIG mode to join aluminum parts.
  • The manual needs updates that requires downloading the tweaked version.

#4 Lincoln Electric K2185-1 – Great Machine for Simple DIY Jobs

Lincoln Electric K2185-1
This machinery is developed for realizing small-scale projects and can join up to 1/80-inch metal parts. When using MIG and flux-core, the unit operates with gas. However, it features the opportunity to use wires. Its solid range of amp output (35–88 amps) makes this small MIG welder very convenient multi-functional assembly. Nevertheless, it aimed at using at home because its 88 amps make the K2185-1 rather low-powered.

The assembly has four voltage options to join metal pieces of different thickness. This model can be plugged right into the home or garage outlets. It has a special safety tech to keep the wires cold until the trigger gun will be pulled to heat it.

  • The internal gas connections are tight.
  • Many extra parts and equipment are in the box, including tips, nozzles, a spool, and even a special brush to clean metal surfaces.
  • It overheats while heavy welding or after a long operation.
  • It’s only a 110-volt model that’s why it lacks penetration.

#5 Lotos Technology MIG140 – Fits the Diversity of Materials

Lotos Technology MIG140
This rather cheap MIG welder machine can refine a diversity of metals because the number of amps can be adjusted within an impressive range of 30 –140 Amps. Its duty cycle is at 20% that’s really great if comparing with the usual budget models’ 10%. That makes the item rather powerful to work not only as a handyman at home but as a pro in small-scale workshops.

The model is developed for MIG, but it can manage flux core if owning the gas cylinder (requires some additional investments to buy it). It’s equipped with a thermal cutout tech to prevent overpowering and keep the assembly cool that ensures longer machine’s lifespan. The model boasts two screens to show volts and manage the wire feed speed.

  • It’s fitted with a new easy-to-use aluminum wire feeder.
  • The MIG140 has a top handle that’s why the unit could be easily redeployed.
  • It comes with a ground cable connector to toggle between positive and negative polarities.
  • It demands a generator for the additional power supply. This impedes the work in distant areas without electricity.
  • The additional gun is required to join aluminum parts.

#6 Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC – Entry-level Plug-and-Work Model

Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC
Those who are looking for the best MIG welder for home use are worth to pay attention to the portable equipment that weighs just 42.5 lbs. It’s suitable for car maintenance and other household tasks. It can refine angle iron and maneuver in the hard-to-reach zones. This model makes MIG welding for beginners straightforward because there’s no need to align the setups and adjustments.

The aggregate is made of ABS plastic and thin steel for doing flux core only. It’s remarkable for the power cord of solid length to operate the machine at great distances from the electrical supply. It also has storage for multiple wire spools.

The unit features good power to experiment with heavy-duty materials for making light and medium tasks. However, its 2-voltage settings impede joining h a thicker-gauged metal. That’s not a big issue for the beginners, but it’s annoying for the experienced users. It’s possible to use a generator to increase its power, but one should consider its compatibility in the view of the power supply.

  • The handle on the top is made of sturdy material to move it around hassle-free for a long period.
  • The internal thermal defense stops the aggregate immediately in the case of overheating.
  • The sample wire in the package would have been of higher quality.
  • At the end of the 2-minute work, it’s splattering a lot more and the feed should be corrected again.

#7 Goplus MIG 130 – Versatility to Work with Tons of Applications

Goplus MIG 130
It’s a flux core model that weight 34.5 pounds only. However, the advantage of its portability turns into a flaw of its minimal power. The machine is produced to join metal pieces during car bodywork, for example. It manages to proceed tubing, sheet metal, and other similar materials, but they should be cleaned properly because the unit has no power to push anything out of the path. Think of oil and eliminate it from the surface to escape poor results.

The flux core aggregate dispenses gas and has a formidable cabinet with a steel frame and a strong handle. It offers four heat options (min 1, min 2, max 1, max 2) and customized wire speed control. For instance, to make a deeper weld, combine a higher heat setting with according speed. To make MIG, the additional gas cylinders are required.

  • The wire is always live that’s why the master should be careful where he/she lays down the gun.
  • No opportunity to use batteries and to work remotely without outlets.
  • The wire is always live that’s why the master should be careful where he/she lays down the gun.
  • No opportunity to use batteries and to work remotely without outlets.

Buying Guide

MIG Machines – Main Features

Before going into work, one should understand what is a MIG welder. It’s the most versatile machine that is used for process thin gauge sheet metal or heavy steel pipe. Some advanced models are designed to work with aluminum of all thicknesses.

This equipment allows for making DIY projects. Its gases vary in their composition but are called Metal Inert Gas (the common industry definition). They don’t react with the metal to exclude contaminants to the weld.

It’s also a wire-feed type of machine. Some models’ wires contain flux inside them to dispense a separate tank of gas. Any MIG unit comes with some heat settings to adjust the machine. It allows choosing the proper power to provide a deep joint with good penetration but without danger to burn a hole in the material.

Mig Welder Usage

Let’s reveal the main points of the question on how to use a MIG welder. The process means that the aggregate consumes electricity to fuse and connect pieces of metal together. The short circuit generates the heat that fluxes the material and mixes its parts together. Then the metal starts chilling and solidifying. When working, the electrically charged contact tips deliver the current to the wire. The arc is placed between the wire and the material. The gas flows out of the nozzle to protect the process from the atmosphere.
Check the machine and all the adjustments, remove dust and oil from the workpiece, and grind down any edges of the material. Consider the metal’s composition and its thickness to set the correct voltage, wire feed speed, and gas flow rate, as well as to use the appropriate gas. One can find this information in the user guide that is in the kit, generally.

Mig Welding Tips for the Newbies

The clear and straightforward MIG welding tips for beginners below facilitates the training.

  • Take a piece of scrap metal to run a bead several times in order to succeed with a straight line.
  • Choose the right power level to prevent splatters or entire steel’s melting.
  • Lay 1 or 2-inches beads to ensure the material not being heat up, compromised or warped.
  • Set the power up to the highest level to make a hole if necessary.
  • Enhance wire speed or power if the welds are forming in spurts.

Defend yourself from high temperatures impact, harmful light, fusing metal and sparks with the aid of a specially designed mask (either usual or auto-darkening), gloves, cotton clothing, and leather boots with non-flammable coverage.